Every seller has the same goal of “selling their home quickly, effortlessly, and for the best price possible”!

Step 1:

Schedule a pre-market consultation . Call Irina to discuss the local market and the current trends. Irina’s company, @properties, has sold thousands of homes, and is extremely experienced in helping sellers understand what they can do to properly prepare their home for sale.

Set the right asking Price. This is the most critical part of selling your home, that is why it is smart to get Irina’s help. Her experience is key to getting it right the first time. She will prepare an extensive Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) at no cost or obligation.

List your Home. Today, many of existing homes are sold each week and the process is not as easy for sellers as it was in the past. Selling your home easily in today's real estate world requires experience and training in such fields as real estate marketing, financing, negotiation and closing - the very expertise available from Irina Diment Ilyinsky.

Market your home: Once your home is listed with Irina, she will immediately begin to market your home. @properties sound marketing plan will facilitate the success of your home sale.

Much of Irina’s work will be quiet and unseen -- yet important. The quiet telephone calls, the work with contacts, the follow-ups with open-house visitors, conversations with ad respondents, the web postings and other outreach efforts are all part of the process required to sell homes.

  • Preparation: Before being placed on the market, homes must be in "show" condition. Irina can explain what repairs and upgrades are required for individual homes which are most likely to produce the best results.
  • Pricing: Irina does more than price homes for sale, she constructs sale terms designed to speed the selling process.
  • Marketing: Irina will execute strategies and programs to get the home sold. Typically this includes placement on the local MLS and other advertising media as well as related marketing and networking.
  • Negotiation: Irina assists owners in the bargaining process, offering advice and counsel as offers are received and by working closely with legal counsel, tax specialists and inspectors.
  • Closing: Once a contract for the purchase of a home has been accepted, a series of inspections and checks are typically required to satisfy buyers and lenders. Irina will help owners complete the transaction process by assisting with the many requirements found in a typical sale agreement.

What happens?
Closing ("settlement" or "escrow") is essentially a meeting where the closing agent (the party who conducts settlement) takes in money from the buyers, pays out money to the owner and makes sure that the purchaser's title is properly recorded in local records along with any mortgage liens.

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